Unserved diseases is something we have coined by our own experience. We consider these diseases being ignored/unserved by all, that is doctors – hospitals – pharmaceutical companies alike.

We are leading the cause of one such very critical issue which is devastating and debilitating to all those suffering also strongly impact all the family members of the patient suffering. The condition of PAINFUL BLADDER SYNDROME or also called bladder pain syndrome, is a condition suffered by millions of people worldwide, concerning 70% women and are ignore by all. Doctors do not find listening to patients woes again and again and again for hours and still hunting in the dark the origin of the pains, the hospitals do not make any money as this includes only consulting as in discussing and no procedures, the pharmaceutical companies do not have enough feedback from the doctor to pinpoint what to look for and hence all of them finally give and ignore the diseases condition. We have patients suffering over 10 years with solutions.

We have championed one such cause in ignored disease of painful bladder syndrome and have not only establish the efficacy of a well-established drug, but also educated the doctors across the country and taking initiative to launch the medicine in 50 countries over next 3 to 5 years, including educating doctors and patients alike