Neglected diseases are those where the pharmaceutical companies do not make enough profit to be attracted to do invest their resources to research in new health solutions. One of the most known neglected diseases are Tuberculosis, which are in Indian and African region and poor paying segments and poor countries.

We have been working on one such neglected diseases is Interstitial cystitis in Urology where the bladder lining is damaged and the viability / profitability of the business is extremely poor, leading to 98% of the companies not even interested to look into the subject. The balance 1.9999 drop it due to poor profits. The cost of goods is more than 50% of the sale price of the finished products to consumer leaving no or little margin to make it viable to promote the diseases or run CME’s to educate the doctors.

We have successfully harnessed this challenge and single handedly successfully bought to markets in the world than the originator and did more in 5 years than the originator did in 20 years.