People in many rural areas in India still struggle with inadequate facilities, clean water and unemployment, because they are unable to find the simple resources in their villages, thousands migrate to big cities every year.
My goal is to establish a successful self-sustaining model of harmonized living known asRubanisation, where the rural environment itself provides for its people, without depending o n the crutches of government subsidies. It is strategically placed in the mountainous region of Satara (worlds best Strawberry farming area), a city in the state of Maharashtra, with focus on five major components. They are all linked in a progressive chain. Water, food, education, innovation, industry & community progress :

  1. Water is integral to life, all forms thrive where there is water, be it humans be it food. At Rec2 we not only look at ‘Water’ as a form of life but also as a means of renewable energy. We intend to build inThe water stored in the reservoir, will not only be used for agricultural purposes but also as a method of energy generation.
  2. Having provided water, we are able to provide for consistent farming, leading to food sustainability for self and for revenue.
  3. Our existing school already provides for high quality english medium education to 52 villages in the middle of the poorly developed region, we have plans to add higher education providing for skill development and advanced courses, preparing them to be able to take their regions progress global. An innovative plan of having a biotech factory manufacturing value added products from the regions main crop sugar and corn, into value added products to support pharmaceutical companies in India. These activities would need fermentation leading to students being trained in industrial real time production. Here they do not receive salary for their work, instead they are given post graduation specialization in biotech and automation which is the basis of fermentation industry, so it is like the regions food, people and opportunity converging to become one. Its like education for work with lodging and boarding. This takes the chain from water to food to education to industry to earning to afford better standards of life quality of life, in the cozy comfort of family warmt instead of the cold pavements.
  4. We don’t stop there. Innovation from and for a billion plus people and the world. We have a vision to build an independent solar panel recycle plant, which would have the innovation and science to convert various generations of solar panel waste without pollution, using science and innovation studies in these very colleges having specialized courses customized to such sciences of water, food, production and environment. Carbon Credit to reduce the global carbon foot print will be an outcome giving additional revenues.

The aim of this project is Progressive Self-Sustaining Consistent Rubanisation.