SSPL Has played a pivotal role in shaping management and awareness of the progressive and debilitating disease -Interstitial cystitis /bladder pain syndrome that afflicts bladder mucosal lining in vast young aged population, predominantly affecting women.
SSPL is the only company in the country and besides the originator in Germany to have made the “definitive and curative” medicine for interstitial cystitis named Sodium Pentosan polysulphate (Comfora as their wonder brand). This medicine replaces and replenishes the damaged glycosaminoglycans layer of the bladder and stabilises the disease from continuous damage of the Interstitium.
SSPL has taken the huge leap in this disease by taking the science and reality of the disease to the doctors in the country and awareness drive to the society as a unique campaign to help many needy patients reach their destination of treatment.
It’s a “SAVE THE BLADDER PROJECT “that they have taken upon themselves by being the only makers of the curative drug of the disease and concerted awareness campaign for both doctors and patients.
They have now embarked on newer delivery mechanisms of the drug that will have far reaching consequences once available as direct intravesical form and liposomal form for the first time.
SSPL Have so many firsts to their credit by doing all the above and I congratulate them for being leaders in a disease with focused drive for the society that will place the campaign to highest levels.
Dr. David M. Kaufman, Chief Urologist, Central Park Urology, NY, USA
I have been associated with Swati Spentose PVT. LTD for close to eight years as a consultant/advisor regarding the medical issues surrounding their product, Pentosan Polysulphate (Comfora). As a clinician specializing in the treatment of Interstitial Cystitis and bladder pain syndromes, I am proud to be associated with this company as they share my commitment to caring for the men and women with this condition worldwide. Until now, only a small percentage of world sufferers with this disease had access to this medication. As a result of the efforts of Swati Spentose developing and manufacturing this medication in their state of the art pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in Vaapi, India, millions of patients around the world will benefit from the availability of this medication. Although treatment of this condition is complicated and requires clinicians to understand its need for multimodal therapy, Pentosan polysulphate remains the cornerstone of treatment for those with Interstitial Cystitis and bladder pain syndrome.
Dr Rajesh Taneja, Senior Consultant Urology, Andrology and Robotic Surgery Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi
Bladder pain syndrome, widely known as Interstitial Cystitis is a disease entity, which is difficult to understand, diagnose and treat. While the patient and their immediate family members keep suffering, they are deprived of help, primarily due to lack of awareness amongst the healthcare providers. Swati Spentose Private Limited (SSPL) happen to have understood this gap in the knowledge and the deficiency in percolation of existing knowledge to physicians. SSPL have decided to bridge this gap and disseminate the knowledge amongst physicians. This is a huge task considering the fact that millions of people across the globe are suffering from this enigmatic disease and are waiting for help. Not only have SSPL committed themselves to provide help in far reaching areas of world, they have also the research and development in the field of diagnosis and treatment of this disease, in a manner that can be labeled as ‘beyond the current horizon’. They began in early 2000 with putting up a world class manufacturing facility now approved by US FDA, to produce Pentosan Poly Sulphate (PPS, Comfora) the sheet anchor of treatment of Bladder Pain syndrome. They have set up a global scientific body of medical experts to initiate the process of standardization of current methods of diagnosis and treatment, plan research to refine the scientific approach to this disease, and invest in basic research to develop what can be termed as ‘futuristic tools for diagnosis and treatment’ of this disease. This has been aptly named as Global Interstitial Cystitis Bladder Pain Society (GIBS). I wish Mr. Vishal Jajodia , philanthropist and the force behind this movement all the very best.