Mahesh Yadav


My self is Mahesh Yada I’m simple Graduate from UP. I belong to middle class joint family. My wife and son stays in UP. And myself residing in Vapi for my job.
In SSPL-1 and 2 I handle and lead HVAC department with due care and responsibility in such a way that it is reliable and cost effective for organization.
When I joined SSPL that time I was totally unaware of the work and system of HVAC. Under the supervision of Mr. Jitendra Verma I have learned and able to handle HVAC system independently.
I find no difference in man and women today. A women leader can handle the situation very smartly.

Anuj Rai


Myself Anuj Rai this is my first job. I am graduate in political science. We are four brothers and my father is a farmer in village and my wife and 2 daughter stay in vapi with me. I had no experience when I joined here.
At present I’m handling effluent treatment plant, hazardous waste, effluent water testing.
Here I have learnt a lot like ETP monitoring, hazardous waste safe storage and disposal of same. Documentation, Log Sheet maintaining, effluent testing, team work and housekeeping etc.

The work which I have learned due to contribution of all team members. All my seniors have been very cooperative and helped me to learn a lot. Few knowledge I have gained from books and attending different seminars.

My experience have been very good. I’m contributing my best in the company as I have grown a lot here.

All members of the company should contribute in true spirts towards growth of the company using their skills, knowledge and quality.

Jitendra Verma


I am a common man of  V group, believing in simplicity I can’t elaborate much about myself but I can say I always work passionately & curiously. I am graduate in commerce.
Heading the engineering department.
Working sincerely, utilization of knowledge. I always listen more than I speak, discuss with subject experts & try to update myself. V group has given me the opportunity in new area where I have to explore and learn more.
Women have achieved equal status in society & leading in all sector i.e business, government agencies, political. Leader’s actions must inspire others to build the team and achieve the goals.

Kalpesh Sharma


I am Kalpesh Sharma. My qualification is only up to High school. But opportunity and experience with this company had made me highly qualified with experience.
Currently I am handling all government Liaising work, purchase department (For factory) and other productive matters to speed up the approvals for our company.
I learnt a lot with this organization. In simple words I learned to work in right path and spirit with full force of mind and soul to get things done. I learned to work in tricky way with all departments of my work profile to finish the work reasonable.
Women can be a great leader. They are hardworking with lots of patience. We all knows women can do extraordinary work with their courage and softness of their heart at the same time.

Deepak Rai


Myself Deepak Rai belonging from Mau Uttar Pradesh working as a Admin Officer in Alcon Biosciences Pvt Ltd Since 2008. I have completed Diploma in Pharmacy. Regarding background My father retired government teacher & mother is House wife.
I am working in Alcon handling dispatch, store, Excise works & all other works as suggested by Management.
I learned day to day operation of dispatch, store, excise as per customer requirement. I learned under guidance of my senior.
We pleasure to work under women leader as She is straight forward pertaining towards work as they have proved themselves as better leader at every front.

Arvind Rai


Myself is Arvind Rai my qualification is B.A. I belong to middle class joint family.
Currently I am working as water system supervisor.
I have learned to operate water system operation and Zero discharge system in this company. In guidance of my senior Mr. Jitendra Varma. I have learned to take care of water system as per GMP requirement as it’s a pharma company and water is very critical part. I found no difference in man and women today. A women leader can handle the situation very smartly.
There is no difference between man and women in my opinion.

Pankaj Sharma

First of all I’m glad to hear that my organization is taking initiative for employee empowerment. This is very critical and needy aspect of any organization lot of efforts are required to create employee improvement by  giving employee a certain level of freedom for decision making in execution of their organizational task. Parallel it is a great advantage which leads towards more responsiveness and owner ship of problem and issues by employee. Increased productivity and increased responsibility of employee towards achievement of organizational goals.

Myself Pankaj Sharma originally from Shekhawati region of Rajasthan and belong to a Marwari family. I have completed my M.Sc in year 2002 from Rajasthan and joined Bioinformatics division of this organization in 2003 as trainee with zero industrial experience this was the point where my journey started in new world where I have learned a lot in field of Bioinformatics and IT.

Then shifted to Vapi for API manufacturing unit in late 2005 and in February 2006 we laid the first brick of the big project name Swati Spentose Pvt. Ltd a very memorable day for entire SSPL team. This was a way to entirely new word with lot of excitement, responsibility pressure along with very difficult pat with daily unseen and unexperienced hurdles in the path.

But the journey was very exciting, thrilling and full of challenges. But as rightly said tough time makes person more polished for hard working and efficient. As the project moved ahead personal experience also kept on increasing. From civil work experience to commission of plant and finally start of production in this plant in 2010 by crossing all hurdle by.

By the time project was completed have gained lot of experience all fronts from resource management, follow-up, planning, execution, man power management, decision making etc. which cannot be taught in any classroom of the world. Thanks from bottom of my to our chairman Mr. Visahl N Jajodia for his faith in me and giving me and other key team members this great opportunity without having any experience of same. Based on this experience at present I’m heading this unit. Putting by best with by experience which has been created during my journey in this organization toward achievement of companies set goals.

As per my view the opportunity given to me and my other collogues by this organization is the live example of employee empowerment which we have been put in place long ago. I’m proud of being part of such a great organization which has long visionary and implemented the concepts long ago which organizations are thinking off in present senario.

At present our respected Prime Minister Mr. Narander Modiji is doing a lot on women improvement and its awareness. But here again what I feel is my organization is ahead in implementation of same as our majority team members are women there is hardly any department where we don’t have women working and handling critical responsibility very efficiently.

Beside this women leadership cannot be challenged as they have ability to hold a lot of information, see the big picture and the details simultaneously, effectively empower their teams and motivate through inspiration and passion. Ancient India has seen the ability of powerful women leader ship in form of great leaders and fighters like Rani Laxmi Bai, Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar are classical example of same. At present also women have proved themselves as better leader on global platform by heading critical and leading positions in business, banking, politics etc.