Balaka Basu, Blog
2016 is going to be a landmark year in India for Interstitial Cystitis patients. IC which was comparatively a neglected disease in India suddenly gained importance with quite a few seminars and conferences taking place. The biggest event ESSIC 2016 is going to take place in Delhi from 17-19 November 2016. The conference venue of the ESSIC 2016 annual meeting is Four Points by Sheraton in New Delhi. Swati Spentose the manufacturer of Pentosan Polysulphate drug under the brand name Comfora is the exclusive partner of ESSIC 2016. To read more please click the blog link above.
Balaka Basu, Blog
I am suffering from IC and have been taking Comfora since last 3 months. I have seen a significant positive change ever since I started the medicine. Thanks for bringing it to the Indian market.
As in your website you have mentioned IC is a neglected disease. I do agree with it. Being a sufferer I know how hard it is for an IC patient to get diagnosed and treated.
IC awareness is not there not only among patients but also among doctors especially gynaecologists and general physician to whom usually female patients turn up in the first place.
Being an IC sufferer I would really like to be part of any awareness campaign.
Ms. Asha Jadhav, Yavatmal, Maharashtra
I was not sure if my bladder will ever get back to normalcy. Diagnosed with IC in October, 2011After hearing about Comfora, I saw a ray of hope. Being prescribed Comfora by my urologist, bladder breathed a sigh of relief! Taking regular dosage of Comfora, I am now back to normal activities. Neither has pelvic pain nor feels the desire to urinate frequently or urgently. “I now go out to meet my friends without any hesitation or embarrassment only thanks to Comfora”
Mrs. Renu Verma, Gurgaon, Delhi
“I thought I was having frequent UTI’s the majority of my life. I did everything I could think of to prevent and treat them. The summer of 2013 and multiple negative UTI tests, I was tested for IC and a test to see the size of my bladder. A turn out my bladder was very large for my size. I not only began taking Comfora (one pills three times a day) but also had to retrain by bladder by “going” every two hours. After about two months I started to finally feel relief that I had been searching for over 10 years. I have been on Comfora for almost two years with No side effects”
Mrs. Rukma Devi, Bikaner, Rajasthan
“I have lived with Interstitial Cystitis for decades and this is the only effective medicine that I have found to relieve my “UTI-like” symptoms when taken regularly. I still have issues with some foods causing irritation of my bladder, but for the most part Comfora helps me not have to watch every little thing I eat.”