Symposium on IC/BPS awareness for Doctors

Several conferences were held on Interstitial Cystitis/Bladder Pain Syndrome (IC/BPS) organized by Swati Spentose Pvt Ltd (SSPL). The conferences were chaired by Dr. David Kaufman (Chief Urologist, Central Park Urology, New York) and Dr. Sanjay Pandey (Consultant Urologist – Kokilaben Hospital), who shared their experiences and strategies in diagnosing and managing patients suffering from IC/BPS. The goal of these conferences was to educate and make doctors aware of this condition and provide options on how to manage it, as the awareness of this disease is extremely low even among Urologists and Gynecologists.
IC/BPS is a chronic and debilitating disorder of the bladder accompanied by frequent and painful urination. It is believed to be caused by damage to the Urinary Bladder lining. Typical patients report urination more than 40 times a day
Patients are forced to rethink travel plans, long meetings and movies or dinners at restaurants with family and some even have to consider the option of wearing adult diapers. This disease therefore has severe impact on all aspects of life including social, professional, sexual and day to day routine activities. There have been reports of people even contemplating/considering suicide because of the disease.
As a clinical entity in India, IC/BPS is not well defined, poorly understood, inadequately treated and is extraordinarily bothersome to the patient. Hundreds of thousands of people, especially women, suffer silently from this condition. Awareness about IC/BPS in India is still lacking among doctors leading to patients sometimes going their whole lives without a correct diagnosis and proper medication. Many times patients are misdiagnosed as having urinary tract infections or other diseases and are prescribed with products that can actually worsen symptoms.
Both Dr. Kaufman and Dr. Pandey stressed on the need of awareness at the grass root level, as there are millions of patients who go undiagnosed. It is very crucial that doctors across the country are well aware and educated about this disease, so that they can then treat or redirect patients to the right specialist.
SSPL’s vision is to medicate responsibly and to ensure that all patients should be aware of what disease they are suffering from and have access to medication irrespective of profits to the company. To this end, it has invested a vast majority of its profits back into research on developing novel health solutions starting with launching its own brand in India at a fraction of the international cost and working towards new drug delivery systems. SSPL is on a mission to spread awareness of IC/BPS, starting with these conferences, and will be organizing many such events and training workshops all across the country including 2nd and 3rd tier cities, aimed at educating both urologists and gynecologists, and it calls upon media and the doctor fraternity to play its part in ensuring that patients do not suffer for lack of information.

For Gynecologists at Thane, August  2015

For Urologists at Mumbai, August 2015